James & the Giant Peach Jr. Cast of Characters

James & the Giant Peach Jr. Cast of Characters

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Ladahlord is a mysterious character who seems to have a hand in the magical things that are happening. Though he may seem a bit off, he carefully watches over James, Making sure James moves towards a better life. Ladahlord also serves as a guiding narrator throughout the story. Must sing and dance well.

James is the hero of our story, on an epic quest to find a family of his own and gain confidence in himself. Must be able to win over the audience with great acting instincts as well as the ability to sing and dance well.

Lady Bug immediately takes on the doting maternal role in James’ life. This is a fantastic role for a performer with a great singing voice and a regal demeanor.

Grasshopper, the leader of the insects, is the optimist and assumes a paternal role in James’ life. Must sing and act well with a warm and inviting presence.

Spider is a clever creature who becomes a fun-loving older sister to James. Has a spunky personality and a great voice.

Earthworm is a gentle spirit, although he can be a bit of a coward. Luckily, he gains enough courage to save the day by baiting some gullible seagulls. Must sing and dance well and be a performer who isn’t afraid of being a little outlandish.

Centipede may be a bit of a grouch, but he is ever-loyal to the pack, and by the end of the story, he’s won over by James. James sees Centipede as that cranky uncle with a heart of gold. Should have a good singing voice and be a strong actor.

Audition Questions
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Spiker and Sponge are the sort of aunts (or monsters) that you fear ever being stuck with. They take James into their home but only so that he can be their own personal servant. Spiker is the brains of the operation and Sponge is more concerned with finding something to eat.

Featured roles and Company
(listed below) -some have lines, some have solos, all must be able to act, sing and dance well.

Matron Nurse runs the Painswick Orphanage who hasn’t had a vacation in years.
Mr. Trotter - James’ father
Mrs. Trotter - James’ mother
Karl Kreatour - Zoo Keeper
Billy Bobby-Cop and Bobby Bobby-Cop are a perfectly unified pair of cops working together for Scotland Yard.
Vagrants - Doreen Driggles, Ridgley Rapscallion, Violet Funkschmeller, Chris Cryermouth.
Victims of Spiker and Sponge - Passing Man, Passing Woman, Man with Wallet
Zoo Crowd
Garden Chorus
Ida Walters
Reporters and Ida Walters
Bitsy Botana
Ladies’ Garden Guild
Buzz and Hollywood Agents
Farm Animals
Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas
Angry Crowd
Cruise Ensemble
Sharks and Seagulls
New Yorkers and Lucille Van Kooglestein, Bunny Mackenzie the Third, Jake and Joe

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